Frequently Asked Questions

What to provide? It’s easy! Just send a digital picture of your boat to and request the area you want covered in the chart background. Example ‘Chesapeake Bay’ ‘Narragansett Bay’ ‘Cape Cod’ ‘Grand Traverse Bay’ ‘Bahamas’ etc. Be sure the photograph is one you like. Does it offer contrast? Color? Photos taken at dawn and dusk can be dramatic. Does the photo have motion? Can you get a friend to shoot one while you are underway?

What if I don’t have a good photo of the boat? Almost all brands of boats have image facsimiles discoverable on Google Images. Be sure it’s the same model, color and year as your boat because designs can change through the years.

What is your contact information? (Julie Gammack)

Do I pay in full before the painting is started? The total cost of a custom Art on Chart (includes the painting, chart, and free shipping) is $2,000. You pay a $100 deposit to start the process and get in the queue. Once the painting is complete, Julie will send you a photograph of the work for your approval. At time of acceptance, payment in full is required prior to shipment. You can submit the deposit on the How to Order form.

Can I have people or pets added to the painting if they aren’t in the photograph? The painting will be representative of the photo. Julie’s style is impressionistic so if there are people or pets in the photo there will be a suggestion of them included in the painting but can’t be added on if they aren’t in the photo.

When did Art on Charts begin? Julie Gammack made her first rendition in 2001 when she created a pastel of her husband’s sailboat on a chart of the Chesapeake Bay. He was thrilled to have a portrait of his Bristol 41.1 on the cruising grounds where he sailed and realized Julie had the makings of a business if she could do custom paintings of boats on special charts. From that first effort she learned pastels don’t hold up over time but acrylic paint does . She also learned there is a desire for this kind of memento. Boat brokers have found Art on Charts to be an ideal commissioning gift for higher-end yacht clients because when hung on a wall the painting and yacht become a topic of conversation.

Julie took a hiatus from Art on Charts to serve as coach for Vistage CEO groups in Baltimore and Chicago, retiring in January of 2020 to revive Art on Charts.

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